We all have someone who truly loves us and we reciprocate the same feeling for him. If that someone happens to be an animal or a pet this bonding becomes all the more special. This feeling is too intimate and beautiful to be given away easily. These animals become an integral part of our lives and we dread a moment without them.
Remember to love a animal doesn't necessary mean adopting them, a simple gesture of giving food to a street dog or feeding milk to cat, shows your love for other beings.

Share Your Love For Animals With The World - this is the theme of this blog and all animal lovers are requested to share their feeling with us and others. You can send a picture of your pet/loved animal with an article just fill the form below . Your entries along with your feeling will be shared and appreciated by the world.

Monday, January 5, 2009


DeviD, a Korean animal lover, is not a usual animal lover and never gave them any undue attention. But a thing which captured his attention was this cat.

He remembers that day well when he was cherishing his first camera-enabled mobile, clicking around taking random pictures, when he saw a white thing cross his backyard. He turned around to look who was it and saw this beauty. He says it was 'love at first sight'. He instantly decided to adopt her. He used to feed her and took care of her. He claims he has 1GB folder dedicated to his catty love on his computer.

But there 'love story' had a sad ending as his life partner left him for heavenly abode on 20th October 2008. But Devid still cherishes the moments he spent with her.
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